Yellow Brick Café

The Modern Traditional Café

And Artisan Gelato

Our Drinks

Our Beers and Ciders come from Tom @ Cotswold Brewing Company in Bourton; our Barista Blend Coffee is roasted for us by Clive @ Cotswold Coffee; our Whole Leaf Teas are supplied by Ed @ Flint & Co; our milk comes from Cottswold Dairy; and our Hot Chocolates are supplied by Paul @ Kokoa Collection.

Hot Chocolate - made with real chocolate

Local Beers and Ciders

Whole Leaf Tea - supplied by a vicar!

8 Wines - served by the glass

Smoothies & Milkshakes

Locally Roasted Barista Coffee

Smoothies & Milkshakes

We stock a range of freshly blended smoothies and milkshakes.

Fresh fruit blended with yoghurt and juice or mix it up by adding any of our gleato for amazing flavour combinations.